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Discerning Safe Electrical use

With the emergence of Solar Power, electrical cars or even additional heating elements in our kitchens or baths our electrical needs continue to evolve. It’s important to recognize this in our older homes and make some upgrades. We’re here to assist you with these decisions that can keep both your family and electronic devices safe.

Let there be Light!

There are so many awesome & remarkable lighting options today that not only light up a room, but also set a mood or pleasing aesthetics. What’s also great is how many options even reduce our electrical use. Whether its dimmable LED’s, lights that are turned on or off remotely, or energy efficient lightbulbs, it’s a great time to imagine how better lighting options can increase one’s quality of life.

We are at the cusp of photovoltaic energy producing windows and smart glass technology. Solar energy on our roofs can store energy in our own batteries for the right use. Homes have the ability now to create 50%, 75%, or 100% of their energy needs. We can assist you in preparing your home for this.

Is there an Electric Car in your future?

Some estimates suggest that by the year 2025, 50% of cars sold may be electric. They are powerful, efficient, quiet and better for the environment. This may be the right time to upgrade your home for your future transportation needs.

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